About Me

Hi! My name is Zach. While I like to think I am many things to many different people, this site is mainly devoted to my techy side. I currently work for Codeup, which is a program that turns people from all walks of life into web developers and data scientists. I enjoy automating things, solving technical puzzles, data visualizations, and command line applications.

I’m passionate about finding solutions (usually involving software and data) that are the right size for the problem at hand. Too many times I’ve seen solutions implemented where long-term consequences are not considered, or the opposite, where the solution is too unweildy because it is built for some far off large scale future that never arrives.

Outside of technical matters (work and non-work related), I enjoy spending time with my wife and 7 year old, cooking, making music and videos, and playing video games. I’d be thrilled to talk to you about:

Feel free to check out my (far from polished) soundcloud to listen to music I’ve made or my youtube channel if you want to see the several attempts I’ve made at educational videos for data science topics outside of my work at Codeup.