Zach Gulde


I like solving both technical and business problems with code and data, sharing knowledge with others, automating the automatable, and a good cup of hot coffee.

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Web Scraping | Data Wrangling and Preprocessing | Data Visualization and Storytelling | Applied Statistics | Machine Learning | Interactive Dashboards

Programming Languages

Python | R | JavaScript | Java | HTML | CSS | Clojure | Bash | PHP


Web Applications | Command Line Tools | Infastructure Automation | Cloud Deployments | React | Docker | Git | JSON APIs | Object Oriented Programming


Western Governors University Jan 2017 to June 2021

BS Software Development

Codeup Sep 2015 to Feb 2016

Certificate of Completion in Web Development

Texas A&M Sep 2008 to May 2012

BS Anthropology (Incomplete)


Java SE 8 OCA

Oracle Mar 2017


CompTIA May 2018


CompTIA Jun 2020

ITIL 4 Foundation

PeopleCert Oct 2020




Curriculum Developer, Data Science Instructor, Web Development Instructor


Feb 2016 to Present (6 years)

I split my time between teaching, improving Codeup's curriculum, and working with internal data and tools.



Software Developer


May 2016 to May 2017 (1 year)


Codeup Curriculum

I co-authored Codeup's custom curriculums for both the web development and data science programs. The course takes students from little to no background to enough knowledge to be a practicioner.

Student Retention Rate Analysis

I analyzed Codeup student data to find what pre-enrollment factors drive student retention. Work was done in python with pandas and matplotlib. A report leveraging data visualizations and statistics to make recomendations was written and presented to the Codeup Director of Admissions.

Student Capstone Activity Dashboard

I built and deployed a custom dashboard with python, plotly, and dash to keep track of data science student teams' progress throughout their capstone projects leveraging git commits as the primary data source.

GitHub Activity Tracker

I made a tool that keeps tabs on Codeup students' GitHub activity. Python code reads time series event data from the GitHub API, wrangles and cleans the data, and aggregates on a weekly basis by student and class. The data is shared via a Google sheet with various stakeholders.

Stats Demos

I maintain a website of various interactive explanations and animations to help illustrate statistical and machine learning concepts. Most work is done with custom python and matplotlib animation code, leveraging Flask for some interactivity.


I wrote a tool that automates the cloud deployment of Java, Python, PHP, or Node web applications and static web sites to one or more virtual private servers.

Codeup Tools Application

I designed and maintain an internal custom tool for Codeup instructors and administrators. PHP, HTML, CSS, and Javascript code integrates curriculum access management, custom quizzes, student grade management, and student notes.


Check out my open source portfolio ( for more selected works, or browse through any of the repositories on my GitHub.